How can I make a purchase with product packages?

  1. From the home page, click Products.

  2. From the Products page, there are two options.  You can:
  3. Click Packages tab to scroll through the available product packages
  4. A new screen will appear, allowing you to select available product or combo packages and add them to your cart.  To add a package to your cart, click Sign Up/Add to cart for the desired one. One can filter packages by product category.

  5. Alternatively, if you don't know the product package you want for a particular product, you can select the product from the Product tab and select the package related that product if there is any.

  6. If there is no class in the package Add to cart button appears and clicking that the package will be added in the cart. Otherwise Sign Up button appears clicking which one have to choose the dates for each of the classes within the selected package.  Click Next after choosing dates if there are more then one class.

  7. Once you’ve chosen a date and time that works for you, click Next to save your selection.  Don’t forget to choose the number of people that will be attending the class.  Repeat this for all classes in your package.
  8. After selecting dates for each of the classes in your package, you are ready to add it to your cart.  Click Add to Cart.
  9. A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to save and add the package to your cart.  If you are ready to proceed, click Yes and you’ll be taken to your cart.

  10. If you’ve added everything you’d like to purchase to your cart, then you are ready to proceed with the checkout. 
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