How do I create a class?

  1. To create a class, start by clicking on Home on the menu bar at the top of the page.  This menu bar can be access from any page on the site.  Click on Classes.
  2. The Class page is where you can find links to create and add all relevant information about a class.  To create a class from this page, click Add Class.
  3. The Add Class page is where you’ll enter in the information required to create a class.  You’ll be required to enter in the Class Type, Title, Year, Fee, and a Description of the class.
  4. How can I add a class type?
  5. The Class Type allows you to categorize the types of classes you offer to clients.  You may group classes in any way you see fit by creating a Class Type and setting each class to a corresponding Class Type.  To manage the types of classes available, click Manage Class Types.  If you’ve already created your class types, go to step (9).
  6. Clicking Manage Class Types will allow you to see all the current class types you have available.  If you are adding a new class type, click Add Class Type.
  7. On the Add Class Type page, you can enter the name of the class type.  When you are done, click Save.
  8. Your class type is now available to link with classes.
  9. How can I edit a class type?
  10. To edit a class type from the Manage Class Types page, click Edit next to the class type you want to change.
  11. Once you have clicked Edit, you’ll be prompted to make any necessary changes to the title of the class type.  Once you’ve made any necessary changes, click Update.  Your selections are now saved.
  12. How can I remove a class type?
  13. To remove a class type, click Remove next to the class you want to remove from the Manage Class Types page.
  14. Clicking Remove will open a warning box, asking you “Are you sure you to remove?”  If you want to remove the class type, click Yes.  If you don’t, click No.
  15. If you removed your class type, it will no longer be displayed on the class type list.
  16. After selecting a class type, you’ll need to enter in a Title for the class being offered.  You’ll also need to enter in the Year it is being offered, and the Fee for taking the class.  Use the Description box to include a summary of the class and any other relevant information.  The information added on this page will be available to customers through MomsCradle.  If you enter information into the Description box, you may use the HTML editor tool to change the font and formatting.  Hover over each icon for a description of its action.
  17. If you want a class to be available to customers to register for, check the box next to Publish.  Publishing a class makes it viewable and available for anyone interested in taking the class.  They will be able to see any information posted and are able to sign up for it as well.
  18. Once you have entered in all necessary information, click Save at the bottom of the page.  Your class has now been added.
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