How can I remove a class package?

  1. Removing a class package cannot be undone.  If you want to temporarily disable customers from registering for it, you may want to unpublish it instead.  To remove a class package, click on Home from the admin portal menu bar.
  2. Click Classes to go to the class menu.
  3. From the Class page, click on Class Package from the menu on the left.
  4. To remove a Class Package, you’ll first have to unpublish it.  To unpublish a class package, click on the Edit button next to the package you want to remove.  (Hint: You can also unpublish a class by unchecking the Publish box next to the class package and clicking Save.)
  5. If the package is published, there will be a checkmark in the box next to Publish.  Uncheck this box.
  6. Click Update to save this new setting.
  7. Now that the package is unpublished, it won’t be viewable in the Class Package home screen.  View unpublished packages by selecting Unpublished at the top of the screen next to Publish Status.  A list of the classes unpublished will appear.
  8. To remove a package, click the Remove button next to the package you want to delete.
  9. A dialogue box will appear, asking, “Are you sure to remove?”  If you want to remove the package, click Yes.  If you changed your mind, click Cancel.  If you clicked Yes, your package will no longer be available. 
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