How can I add a product?

  1. To add a product, click on Home from the admin portal menu.
  2. Click on Products.From the Products page, click Add Product.
  3. To create a product you’ll need to enter in all the required information on the page. 
  4. Start by selecting a Product Category from the drop down menu.
  5. Next, enter in the name of the item in the Item Name textbox (required).
  6. Insert the Sale Price ($),or the price of the item, in the textbox provided (required).
  7. If the item is Taxable, choose the Yes radio button.  If it is not taxable, choose the No radio button (required).
  8. Enter in the quantity of items that will be in stock next to the Quantity In Stock text box (required).
  9. Set the Lowest Quantity for Alert in the textbox provided (required).
  10. If you would like to set an alert when the stock has reached the lowest quantity for alert, click check the box next to Yes.
  11.  Set the reorder level in the textbox next to Reorder Level (optional).
  12. Choose the Vendor Name in the drop down box.
  13. Enter in the Vendor Item Number in the textbox provided.
  14. Enter in the Vendor Price in the textbox provided.
  15. Enter in the Create Date in the textbox (required).
  16. Enter in the initials of the staff member creating the product in the Staff initials box (required).
  17. If the item is eligible for shipping, select the radio button for Yes.  If it is not, select the radio button for No (required).
  18. Enter in a description of the item in the Description textbox.
  19. If there is an image for the product you have stored on your computer that you would like to upload, click Browse, choose the file to upload, and then click Upload.
  20. If you have entered in all required and relevant information and would like the product to be available to customers, check the box next to Activate Product.
  21. If you have entered in all required and relevant information, click Create to add your product – it will now be available for customers to purchase.
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