How can I reschedule a class for a client?

  1. To reschedule a class, click Homefrom the admin portal menu.
  2. Click on Order Manager.
  3. Click Search Order, enter the clients name or email address into the search box
  4. Click Edit/Process Order next to the order you want to change
  5. Click Reschedule Signup next to the class you need to make changes to
  6. If there are upcoming sections with available seat for this class they will be showed to select. Click on the section you want to choose for the client.  Change the number attending, if necessary.  If you are a student, check the I am a student box and you may be eligible for a flat rate fee.
  7. Click Change Section
  8. A dialogue box will appear, saying “Section changed successfully.  You have changed section from <course information and dates> to <new dates>.  Click Okay, and the section will now be changed.
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