How can I use the abandoned cart feature?

  1. To use the abandoned cart feature, click Home from the admin portal menu.
  2. Click on Order Manager.
  3. Click Abandoned Cart
  4. Search for and select the client with the abandoned cart
  5. To clear a cart, click Clear Cart to clear the client whose cart you want to clear
  6. A dialogue box will appear, asking, “Are you sure you want to remove this cart?”  If you want to remove this cart, click Yes.  If you do not want to remove the items in the cart, click No.
  7. The cart is now empty
  8. To send an email to a client alerting them they have an empty cart
  9. Click Send Email
  10. A dialogue box will appear, alerting you, “Email has been sent.”  The email will go to the email the client has on record with Mom’s Mobile.
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