How can I create a combination package?

  1. To create a combination package, click on Home from the admin portal menu bar.
  2. Click Classes to go to the class menu.
  3. From the Class page, click on Combination Package from the menu on the left.
  4. Click on Add Package
  5. To start, enter in the Package Name.  This is a required field.
  6. If necessary, enter in details about the combination into the Description text box.
  7. Type in the amount of money that this package is discounted for in the Discounted Amount ($) box
  8. Next, you can customize the different parts of your package.  Click Add Class if you want add a class as a part of your package. 
  9. Click Select next to the class you want to include.  You may include as many classes as you want by clicking Add Class.  Once you click select, this class will now be a part of your package.
  10. The class will now be listed as a part of the package.
  11. To add a product to the package, click Add Product
  12. Select the Product Category, the Product Item, and the item Quantity.  Click Add
  13. To add a rental, click Add Rental.
  14. Select the rental information required on the page.  Choose a rental model from the drop down box next to Rental Model.  Choose the length of time the product can be rented next to the drop down menu for Rental Term.  The Deposit, Fee, Tax, and Total will auto populate based on the model and rental term selected.  Click Add to add the rental to your combination package.
  15. To add a membership to your combination package, click Add Membership.
  16. Click Select next to the membership you want to include with your combination package.
  17. The membership is now a part of your combination package.  You have now added all possible items to your combination package.  Once you are done adding items, click Save to save your combination package.  If you want your membership to be available to customers immediately, be sure to check the Publish box.  You can also publish it at a later time.
  18. Your combination package is now available for purchase and will be listed on the combination page.
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