How can I add an email template?

  1. To add an email template, click Home from the admin portal menu.
  2. Click on Email Manager.
  3. On the appropriate page relating to your email (Order, Class, or Password), click Create Email.
  4. Here is where you’ll prompted to create and enter in information about your email template.  Begin by naming your email in the Alert Name textbox.
  5. Choose who this email will go to in the Groups section by selecting the appropriate radio button.
  6. Choose what category this email template falls into by choosing from the drop down menu next to Category Name.
  7. Choose the service name from the drop down menu next to Service Name.  Service name allows you to choose under what conditions the email will be sent out.
  8. Type the subject of the email that the recipient will see in the Subject textbox.
  9. Type your email in the Mail Body textbox.  You may format the email using the formatting features available. 
  10. To insert a customized piece of information, like the recipient’s name or address, select the Model category, and then the Property.  Choose Insert to insert the property into the body of the mail message.
  11. If you would like your email template to be available immediately, check the box for Enabled.
  12. Once you have completed your email template, click Create to save your changes.
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