How do I create a section?

  1. To create a section, start by clicking on Home on the menu bar at the top of the page.  This menu bar can be access from any page on the site.  Click on Classes.
  2. Click on Section on the left side menu.  The Section page is where you can find links to create and add all relevant information about a class section.  To create a class section from this page, click Add Section.
  3. The Add Section page is where you’ll enter in the information required to create a class section. 
  4. Choose the class you would like to add a section to next to the drop down menu by Class Title.
  5. Indicate which day of the week a class will be offered on by choosing a day from the drop down menu next to Day of the Week.
  6. Clicking in the box next to Start date will make a small calendar pop out on the page.  You can choose the date your class is to start on the calendar.  
  7. Enter in the number of meetings the class is scheduled to meet for.  For example, if a class is to meet once a week on a Sunday for four weeks, you’ll enter in 4, because the class will meet four times.
  8. List the start and end times for the class in the Start Time and End Time boxes.  Choose set when you’ve selected the time from the pop out box to keep your selection.
  9. To confirm that the times listed match with the dates you intended, click the Confirm Dates link for a list of currently scheduled classes based on the information you’ve provided.
  10. Once you click confirm, the dates will appear next to Scheduled dates.
  11. List the maximum number of individuals you want to be able to register for a class next to Maximum size.
  12. Choose an instructor from the drop down menu next to Instructor.
  13. Choose a location name, if applicable, from the Location Name box.
  14. Choose the exact address or location associated with this class from the Locations box by selecting the drop down menu.
  15. After entering all relevant information, you’re ready to publish and save.  If you want your class to be available for customers to register for immediately, check the box next to Publish.
  16. If admin want to activate social network for this section check the box next to Enable Social Network.
  17. Admin can also select Contract for this section from the drop down list of applicable contracts.
  18. Click Save to finalize your section.  Your section is now added.
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