How can I publish or unpublish a class package?

  1. Unpublishing a class package will allow you to make a class unavailable to customers without deleting it from the system.  Click on Home from the admin portal menu bar.
  2. Click Classes to go to the class menu.
  3. From the Class page, click on Class Package from the menu on the left.
  4. Click on the All button next to Publish Status to view all packages, then click Edit next to the class you want to publish/unpublish.  Click Update to save this new setting.
  5. If the package is published, there will be a checkmark in the box next to Publish.  Uncheck this box to unpublish it.
  6. You can also publish/unpublish a package from the Class Package main page.  To publish or unpublish a class, click on the All button next to Publish Status at the top of the page.
  7. Uncheck or check the box that says Publish next to the class you want to change the status of.  Click Save at the bottom of the page, and your class will now be published or unpublished.
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