How do I create a rental?

  1. To create a rental, click on Home from the admin portal menu.
  2. Click Breast Pump Rentals.
  3. The first page will be the Manage Rental Equipment page.  To add an equipment rental, click Add Equipment.
  4. The New Rental Equipment page will allow you to enter information about your new rental equipment.  All information on this page is optional.  Start by entering in the Serial number in the textbox.  Select the Vendor Name, and the Model Name associated with the product.  If the product is in stock, choose In Stock from the drop down menu next to Status.  If a deposit amount is required, enter this in next to the Deposit Amount ($) textbox.  You can also enter in the Date Received From Vendor and the Date Returned to Vendor.  If there are any notes, you may enter them in the Notes textbox.  If you wish to publish this new rental and make it available to customers immediately, check the box next to Publish
  5. Click Save to save the information you entered on the New Rental Equipment page.
  6. Your rental is now available to customers.
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