How can I return a product?

  1. To return a product, click Home from the admin portal menu.
  2. Click on Order Manager.
  3. Search for the order you would like to print by following the instructors in Search for an order.
  4. Enter the clients name or email address into the search box
  5. Click Edit/Process Order next to the order you would like to print.
  6. A new page will appear.  To return an item, click Return Item next to the item you would like to return.
  7. A dialogue box will pop up, asking, “Are you sure you want to return this product?”  If you are sure, click Yes.  If you are unsure, click No.  This action cannot be undone.
  8. If returning the item requires a refund, check the Refund box
  9. Allot the money to be refunded into to the desired accounts, entering in required information when necessary
  10. If you want to return the item without a refund, click the Return Without Refund button.
  11. Click Process Refund to process the refund
  12. The item is now refunded.
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