How can a user get the view of FAQ?

  1. When an member go to FAQ page from Member portal categories added by instructors and Q&A posted by instructors according to categories are showed as shown in below image.

  2. Member can browse questions by selecting categories and subcategories which are added by instructors.
  3. There is also option to search category with possible suggestions.
  4. If member can not find the question s/he want to ask then "My question isn't here" is the option to add question.
  5. If an answer have a video or audio to play member can play it by clicking the "Play" option.
  6. If member have question regarding an answer then clicking "Ask a follow-up question", a window with questions regarding that answer will appear if their is any as shown in below image.

  7. Follow up question can also be posted from the above window.
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